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Estate Liquidation Services

Our consignment service consists of several levels of service tailored to meet your specific needs. Our staff will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, including the evaluation and recommendations of your personal property. Our crew will inventory, pack, and transport your items to our gallery for processing. Note we are fully insured. A full description and condition report will be assessed for the in-house and online catalogue. Photographs and estimates will be furnished to all prospective buyers via the internet. An in-house print catalogue with descriptions and photos will be available at our gallery upon request.


We also offer the Buy Out option. This is where our staff will come to your home and assess your property with intent to purchase it outright. This is a great option to liquidate your property almost instantly. If you are selling your items directly to Ascendant Auction Galleries you will be paid when your items are picked up or dropped off.


We offer several levels of Estate Liquidation. Each level is built to fit your specific needs. Please inquire for more details at:


We are a full-service Auction Company, whether you are a buyer, seller, dealer, or collector, we can facilitate all of your needs. We have a marketing team dedicated to maximize product exposure, via physical mail, email, social media, along with many public events. 

Estates and Trusts Services

​Ascendant Auction Galleries, LLC. aids legal firms, financial institutions, and fiduciary professionals, in all aspects of appraising and liquidating their clients’ tangible assets by providing a convenient retail setting for willing Buyers and Dealers. We use our extensive advertising network to promote the highest possible price for our clients by targeting private collectors who are interested in buying specific items and willing to pay highly competitive prices.



​Verbal:  When consigning items to Ascendant Auction Galleries, a Verbal Appraisal may be given. Note these values are only a guide and in no way a guarantee as to what your item may sell for.

Written:  Whether your Appraisal is for Insurance purposes, Estate tax, Financial planning, Gift tax, Inventory, Charitable donation, Equitable Distribution, or Trusts/Conservatorships, a Written Appraisal may be provided upon request (Fee associated).

One of our Appraisers will arrive on location to do a complete evaluation and inspection of all your items to be appraised. Each Appraisal will come in writing with descriptions, condition report, and pictures (upon request).  All written Appraisals are legal binding documents accepted by PA Courts.